1. Define your objective. "Show your customers the reasons to stay longer and come back more often." With the right message this objective can be met. Is this your only objective?

2. Is meeting that objective worth the effort? Effort is defined by the time and money spent.

3. Must have a plan to determine Return On Investment (ROI). Have a mechanism in place to gauge the effectiveness of the sign.

Is it helping with:
• More people asking about services and products.
• Selling more merchandise.
• Increase in repeat customers.
• More people coming in the door.
• More people signing up for events and promotions.
• More food and drink served.
• More CASH in the till.



Maximize profit per customer visit.


Increase Sales or Membership through the use of digital signs by showing your customers your inside reality. Change their outside perception by showing them reasons to stay longer and come back more often.


Enhance your customer's experience and influence your customers decision at the point of purchase.

Digital signage delivers fine-tuned target marketing, increased consumer attention and measurable Return on Investment.


Decrease your print and labor costs of traditional messaging. Increase the ease of changing your message through changing your digital content remotely.


Increase your bottom line.



1. If you could deliver one message to your customers more effectively, what would it be?


2. What is one thing that your customers don't know about your business that they need to?


3. What does your company typically spend on printed marketing and messaging materials each year?


4. Would you consider your current marketing strategy to be accountable?


5. Do you typically deliver messaging to your customers that change on a regular basis?


6. If you have different locations for your messages, how are you getting your message to each location? Consider having the ability of quickly changing your message during the advertising campaign.


7. Do you find yourself using printed signs to advertise specials or promotions for fast turning inventory?


8. Do you currently work with a web or print design firm to develop your advertising or messaging content or is it done in-house?


9. Would you or your employees see it as a benefit or incentive to feature top performing employees?


10. How many locations does your organization have? At each of those locations, how many places would you like to deliver a message?


11. Do you see a potential for advertising revenue from your vendors?


12. Do you want information on financing or leasing?